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An expert in personal mythology, Peter M Skaife has developed powerful tools that are useful to individuals who want to follow their passion by fully exploring the uniqueness of (a) who they are are and (b) how they fit into the world.

During a lifetime of research, Skaife conducted experiments in the field of personal mythology with a focus on the uniqueness of the individual. This research has resulted in powerful tools that can help an individual explore their own personal mythology; their understanding of who they are and how they fit into the world.

He has developed tools that individuals can use for: (1) Following their Passion (2) Facing their Challenges (3) Developing their Vision and (4) Creating their Legacy.

As an educator, Skaife specializes in providing tools to people who are ready and willing to journey into new territory and face their personal challenges in ways that benefit everyone – themselves, others and the world. He works with young persons and adults, and seniors who want to make a difference and/or leave a legacy.

Skaife has founded several organizations to provide information, tools, and support to (a) individuals who want to }explore their personal mythology — who they are and how the fit into the world” and/or (b) individuals who want to “learn how to access and/or utilize their hidden talents and natural abilities”

HEROIC LIVING – The MISSION of Heroic Living is “to encourage people to more fully explore the uniqueness of who they are and how they fit into the world.”

MOTHER – The MISSION of Mother is to encourage people who are facing tough challenges to utilize their own experience to develop projects to serve human needs within the community.

THE INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF SPIRITUAL VIOLENCE – The MISSION of the Institute for the Study of Spiritual Violence is to promote the (a) understanding (b) prevention and (c) recovery from acts of spiritual violence in the world today.

HERO UNIVERSITY – The MISSION of Hero University is to provide advanced Shamanic Education to individuals and professionals who want to make a difference in the world. Shamanic Education is defined as “the process of learning how to “access and/or utilize our hidden talents and natural abilities.”