Four Fundamental Tools (for Heroic Living)


Throughout my lifetime, I have developed many Heroic Living tools. And yet, I am fond of saying that the only tool that you really need in the Land of Heroic Living – is your PERSONAL CODE (see Heroic Living Code Package below). 

And yet for those who would like to go further for some specific reason, a wide array of powerful tools are available for individuals who are in apprenticeship and/or in training for certification of certain skills.

In 2018, I have decided to offer a selection of tools for each of the Four Cornerstones of Heroic Living. (Note: Each tools typically requires work in the previous tools). 


Tool: Heroic Living Code Package:  This packages results in a written symbol that accurately points to (1) the heart of what you most enjoy about being alive (passion) (2) your hidden talents and natural abilities (your unique) and (3) the gift you have to give to others (contribution). This package includes both private sessions and one-year of personal support.
Full Package: $325 / Friends and Family: $187.50 (Working Scholarships are available for those in need). Note: This package is often included in various Heroic Living programs for persons facing specific challenges.


Tool: Dream Team Package:  Monthly “Dream Team” sessions for working with you code to develop your Personal Vision for yourself and the world.
Requires a twelve-month commitment t
o contribute $60 per month to Heroic Living.


Tool: Monster Education Training: Learn how to develop a better relationship with your monsters. Learn how to listen to and welcome the help of your monsters. Develop basic skills in the following areas:  (1) Identifying your monsters (2) Improving your relationship with your monsters, and (30 Welcoming the help of your monsters in practical areas of your life.
Requires a commitment to weekly training session with fifteen minutes homework per day.
Weekly Fee: $10 per week for one-year.
“It takes more courage to look at the dark side of one’s own soul — than to fight on the battlefield!” William Butler Yeats


Tool: Personal Legacy Project: Utilization of your personal code to develop your contribution to the world. Utilize your hidden talents and natural abilities to make a difference in the world. Enjoy living your life passion!
Requires a three to five year commitment to your own personal project(s)

Hourly Rate: $125 per hour (and/or apply for working scholarship)