Heroic Living Code Package

Your HEROIC LIVING CODE is a clear and accurate symbol of your unique, personal “Life Passion”

The HEROIC LIVING PERSONAL CODE PACKAGE consists of private sessions with Peter M Skaife, and one year of personal support from the Heroic Living Community.

You receive a  PERSONAL CODE (symbol)  that accurately points to (1) the heart of what you most enjoy about being alive (passion) (2) your hidden talents and natural abilities (your unique) and (3) the gift you have to give to others (contribution). At the end of these sessions, you will receive a clear and accurate statement of your code. This package provides a powerful tool that you can use for the rest of your life.


  • Heroic Living Personal Interview
  • Private PERSONAL CODE SESSION (two hours)
  • Private Follow-Up Session
  • One-year Personal Support

Peter M Skaife – Founder of Heroic Living

An pioneer in exploring new pathways in the field of personal mythology, Peter Skaife developed powerful tools that are useful for the individual who wants to “follow their passion” by fully exploring the uniqueness of (a) who they are are and (b) how they fit into the world.

During a lifetime of research, Skaife conducted experiments in the field of personal mythology with a focus on the uniqueness of the individual. This research has resulted in powerful tools that individuals can use for: (1) Following their Passion (2) Facing their Challenges (3) Developing their Vision and (4) Creating their Legacy.

Full Package: $325 / Friends and Family: $187.50 / Working Scholarships are available for those in need.

The Heroic Living Code Package is often included in various Heroic Living programs for persons facing specific challenges in their lives. Your organization can provide this packages to persons facing challenges within our local community.  (see opening video on http://HeroiclLiving.com