Book: “Welcoming the Help of My Monsters … Oops! Uggh! and Aha! — by Peter M. Skaife


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This book is unique in how quickly, gently, and easily it points readers to their own experience, and in how it helps them begin to appreciate what their monsters are trying to do for them.

Spending time with this book will change a person’s thinking about their monsters, and help them realize the value of listening to all the monsters in their lives. Reading this modern spiritual classic readers will help readers appreciate their personal monsters and discover the many ways they can benefit from spending time with them.

A personal book designed for meditation, introspection and/or for use by support groups. This book is bound with a very high quality library binding.

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Book Title: Welcoming the Help of My Monsters … Oops! Uggh! and Aha!
Author: Peter Merritt Skaife ISBN 0-9714990-0-4 LeatherFlex Edition 2003
Publisher: Heroic Living Publishing, 219 Apple Lane, Rohnert Park CA 94928
Number of Pages: 298 pages
Size of Book: 5.6 inches high, 4.4 inches wide, 0.8 inches thick
Binding: This classic book is hard-bound in library-quality LeatherFlex binding.
Recycled paper
First Edition Price: $25 per hardbound book
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Loose Page Discussion Edition: $5 per book

Peter Merritt Skaife
(707) 773-7062
219 Apple Lane,
Rohnert Park CA 94928

I am happy to have a conversation with you on the telephone about using this book. I encourage creative use of this book in its introduction.  The most popular way to use the book is for meditation. With this approach, the individual takes one page and opens themselves to that page for an entire day.  Other uses include using the book for discussion in one of two ways: Most effective seems to be to select one page for discussion. An alternative approach is for each person to select one page to read. The most popular way to do this is at random i.e. by just opening the book to a page nd then reading that page.

Discussion Leaders: Please note that a loose page (unbound, with each page separate) version of the book is available for only five dollars. With this edition, pages can be put in a hat or bucket, or a page can be posted on a bulletin board.